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Infant Room

Here at Treehouse academy we have the best infant room teachers imaginable. Each one of these amazing ladies loves all our babies as if they were their own. From rocking and feeding to playing and singing, your baby will be loved and adored throughout the day. Our teachers always have such cheerful personalities and you will have no apprehensions dropping off your precious little one.

Ms. Pam is our Lead Infant room teacher and has been with Treehouse Academy since 2015. She is also currently in the process of finishing up her CDA. Ms. Pam is very efficient and loves each and every baby that comes her way.

Ms.Yanelys is our Assistant Infant room Teacher. She has been such a great addition to our Treehouse team! You will love her caring and loving personality.

Toddler Room

Our toddler room teachers love and adore all the little ones who walk through their door. From singing and dancing to artwork and activities, your child will have a day full of fun, activities, and learning through play.

Ms. Alba has been with us since January 2016 and is the lead toddler room teacher. She has her CDA Credential and enjoys singing and dancing with her kids. She goes above and beyond in everything she does.

Ms. Tressa is brand new to our Treehouse family. She has the sweetest personality and is fitting right into Treehouse Academy. With children of her own, as well as being a foster Parent, she comes with great experience.  We look forward to her growing with us for years to come.

Two Year Old Room

Our two year old teachers are extremely creative and make their class fun and interesting every day. The children that attend this classroom as two year old, will be totally prepared to transition to the three year old classroom.

Ms. Nia has currently moved from a reliever position to our Two Year Old Lead Teacher. She is currently in the process of obtaining her CDA Credentials, and is excited about this big change that came her way. You will never have a worry when dropping off your little one, as every child that enter the door, runs to greet Mrs. Nia with open arms .

Ms. Julia is the assistant teacher in this classroom. She is an amazing team player, and always has a positive attitude. Some of the many reasons we love Ms. Julia is her creativity, kind heart, and abundant amount of patience.

Three Year Old Room

You will not find better three year old teachers in the state of Georgia! When your child attends our three year old class, you will know that they will be 100% prepared and ready for Georgia Pre-K when the time comes.

Ms. Naniek is our lead three year old teacher and has been with us since 2009. Prior to employment with Treehouse Academy, Ms. Naniek had 15 plus years of childcare experience. She came to us highly recommended by some of our parents and teachers. Ms. Naniek has completed her CDA credential. She has a true passion for all children in general and absolutely loves every child that has ever been in her classroom. Ms. Naniek works very hard and goes above and beyond to meet each child’s individual needs.

Ms. Bernice has joined our three year old class as a great co-teacher! She has many years of Pre-K Assistant experience, and will have your child ready to move up to Pre-K in the blink of an eye.

Aftercare and Summer Camp Program

After care: The school age kids look forward to ending their school day at Treehouse Academy. When they get off the bus, they are anxious to mingle with their friends, go outside to play and run some energy off and of course, eat snack. Once all of the buses arrive, and they all have a little time to unwind, we have homework time for anyone who needs to get started on their homework before they get home.

Summer Camp: Summer camp is what the school age kids (5 -12) look forward to the most. The summer calendar is filled with fun themed activities and all their favorite field trips every week!

Ms. Maya is re joining us during her break from school! She has been so good in every class shes been in. She works with some of our younger after care kids, normally you will see her with our 3 year olds and Pre-k.

Ms. Christie joined us in November 2016. She is a hard worker and has been a great addition to our family. Christie is very loving and is loved and adored in return. She is fun and full of positive energy and it is obvious that she loves her job. She is extremely caring and really takes the extra time to talk to the kids when they seem to be struggling or having a hard time. Mrs. Christie cares about each child as if they were her own.


Relieving Staff

Our Relieving Staff is very flexible and they frequent in all of our classrooms. One of the best things about being part of our relieving staff is that you get a chance to work in every class and interact with all of our children. They are so great at knowing each classes schedule and the childrens needs.

Pre-K 1

Ms. Tracy and Ms. Celine  joined our team for the  Georgia’s Pre-K Program in 2014.

Ms. Tracy is a lead certified teacher, and has a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and is in the process of obtaining her Masters.

Ms. Celine is our Pre-K 1 assistant Georgia Pre-K teacher.

Pre-K 2

Ms. Catherine and Ms. Michelle have been a team for our Georgia Program since 2006. Prior to joining the team at Treehouse Academy these two teachers worked in another Georgia Pre-K program for 3 years, giving them a combined total of 14 years experience as a team working with Children. WOW! This team of teachers has returning families request them year after year!

Ms. Catherine is a lead certified teacher, Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Catherine is a very creative and well organized member of our team!

Ms. Michelle is our Pre-K 2 assistant Georgia Pre-K teacher. Ms. Catherine and Ms. Michelle work amazingly well together. They are very creative, well organized, have great control over their classroom, adamantly strive to exceed beyond expectations and both teachers have great knowledge of all facets of the Georgia Pre-K program.

Pre-K 3

Ms. Krystal and Ms. Maycen have just joined our  team for the Georgia Pre-K Program. We are so happy to add another great pair of teachers that work so well side by side

Ms. Krystal is a lead certified teacher, and has a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education. She originally joined Treehouse Academy as a long-term sub. When a full time position became available, we were happy to be able to fill the spot with a familiar face. Mrs. Krystal has such a calm and flexible personality, you will feel at ease dropping off your child off in the mornings.

Ms. Maycen is our Pre-K 3 assistant Georgia Pre-K teacher. She joined Treehouse Academy last year and has been a wonderful . Mrs. Maycen is very joyful and energetic. All the kids smile as they see her when they walk into class to do their morning work. She currently has her Paraprofessional Certificate in Early Childhood Education and is going to school in the evening to obtaining her Bachelors.


Ms. Paula has been with Treehouse Academy since we opened the doors in 2006. She is the most dedicated employee in the world! She is here at 6 am every single morning for over 11 years and strategically prepares breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack on a daily basis. Ms. Paula must be doing something right in the kitchen